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Got old newspaper clippings?

Many of us have clippings of old news for us to keep, and probably share with our family, children and grandchildren. But why stop there? Why not go further and share it with the whole world? If it gets printed in the newspaper, it means it’s newsworthy.

If you would like to post and share your news, please perform the following simple steps:

1. Scan your clippings of your old news. (Make sure to include the newspaper’s name, and the date – and page – it was printed).

2. Fill out the form below:

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That’s it, and we’ll put your news in digital form for generations to treasure. We’ll send you a reply email with a link to your own news archive on the web.

News possesses power, with direct or indirect impact on our lives.
How has news affected you?
How do you see the world? Is there a media bias? We present. You decide.

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