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    Have you or someone you know been featured in any newsprint or magazine, and wished you could just share the news with family and friends, near and far? Ever wished you could keep on sharing the news long after that newsprint's edition where it appeared for generations to see -- including perhaps your children's children? Is there a way to share your news clippings with the whole wide world?

    Have you ever been in a situation when someone has done something that made an impact in your life (in a good way -- but unfortunately, sometimes not) that you just wanted to let him/her know (and the world) about it? Ever wondered if anyone else has experienced the same with this person, which potentially, if not clearly, pictures this individual's character? Ever wished you could share your thoughts and story about people you've encountered in your life -- in a big way, like a virtual mega board for people to see?

    Well, hello and welcome to, where everything is about what matters to you.

    As, in essence, is about LIFE and PEOPLE, we provide a platform for you to share your thoughts about issues important to you -- which you'll notice evident all throughout the site. That's because, here at, we believe in the power of speaking your mind and sharing your ideas with others. This is the reason why we encourage you to share your thoughts, your views, your opinion about any issue that's important to you. It is our belief that by communicating your thoughts and being open to discussion, more ideas come up, and the better we become as a society.

    What else is featured here? As a news site, of course, you can always check for current and breaking news/events. There's also a section where we feature your thoughts/views about various topics of interest, your point of view about life and people.

    Make some news! Let's get the word out. Let's be a team. You provide the message, we provide the platform.

    We truly hope you'll enjoy This site is made possible by complementary effort of people who recognize the immense power of the news and the internet.

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    News possesses power, with direct or indirect impact on our lives.
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    "NEWS is any report or communication of recent events or
    previously unknown information to a third-party or mass audience,
    that may have a specified influence or effects.
    It is anything that's newsworthy..."

    Share your views - as they reflect your experience.
    Do you believe that experience
    is often the most valuable thing you have to offer?

    There have been more than 279879182 events that have happened around you that you could've shared your views on since you loaded this page. These events have either direct or indirect effects on you and your family.

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