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    Is There A Media Bias?

    Something to ponder...

    We rely on the news organizations to keep us informed about what's going on around our communities and around the world. But what happens when we don't get all sides of all issues?

    News organizations employ reporters or journalists, and have news producers, who are expected to aim for objectivity, to remain neutral while covering all sides of all issues and avoiding bias. Nice concept. But does it really happen?

    Ever wonder how the reporters -- and the network owners, news producers, and corporate sponsors and advertisers for that matter -- play a role on what's being covered in the news? Do they focus on one type of news stories and not much on some others? Do preferences of certain type of audience have any effect at all? Does your favored network support or attack a particular political party or its candidate? Or maybe a certain ideology or subject matter (e.g., race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc)? Does it seem to sensationalize some stories? Recognizing that it may not be really possible to have all news stories covered, are they being too selective on the topics of news stories reported? Do they play a role in focusing on certain news while considering the influence it may have on how the regional and world markets react? And how about the government role of news coverage in many countries?

    · religion · certain ideology ·
    · race · age · gender ·
    · sexual orientation ·
    · target audience ·

    News possesses power. Do you recognize the immense power of the news? News stories have either direct or indirect impact on many lives. They're meant to be objective and informative -- but truthfully the way news is reported, and the amount of coverage of certain news gets, has a unique way of affecting their readers and viewers.

    So it therefore begs the question: Is there such a thing as a media bias -- as different news sources report and cover certain news, well, differently? And if such a concept truly exists, do you think news organizations are even aware of it? Would you consider the possibility of networks doing it on purpose?

    What do you think?

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    News possesses power, with direct or indirect impact on our lives.
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